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Every day, I'll post some designer product that is crazy mark-down and an awesome find. Some will be as high as 95% off!

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Saturday, December 31, 2011

What to Wear this New Year's?

Whether it's New Year's Eve, or just a party or night on the town, you can be stylish without breaking the bank. In this blog, we're going to make the following outfits:



Ready? Let's begin!
Now, let's look at this first dress. Yes, it's gorgeous. And yes, it IS 50% off... but... it's still pretty expensive

Org. $549
Now: $274

But how about something else, similar, and just and gorgeous?

Parker Tiered Dress
Orig. $253
Now: $99

Parker Strapless Dress
Parker Strapless Dress
Org. $242
Now: $99

Or maybe this, if you're not into pink:
Design History shitake jersey sleeveless embellished neck dress style# 311497701
Orig. $99
Now: $52.79

My ideal shoes? Again, yes they're more than 50% off, but still expensive (but GORGEOUS!)
Manolo Blahnik Raffia Peep Toe Sandal
Orig. $765
Now: $309

But these are just as beautiful, and more affordable:

CO-OP Barneys New York Petal Cutout Bootie
Orig. $425
Now: $169

Or these:
Martinez Valero Coca Jeweled Satin Sandal
Orig. $115
Now: $29.94

CO-OP Barneys New York Woven Toe Sandal
Barney's CO-OP Woven Toe Sandal
Org: $350
Now: $139

Kelsi Dagger Hania Sandal
Org. $129.95
Now: $64.90

Of course, it might be cold out.

M.PATMOS Coat Cardigan
Org. $435
Now: $169

Org. $300
Now: $149

Org. $130
Now: $75

Orig: $125
Now: $75
The sparkles make it easy to use for a dress or casual outfit!

Org. $419
Now: $144
(Same site also has this scarf - below - for same price)

Org. $49
Now: $15

Org. $4
Now: $2

And never, ever, forget your jewelry!

Org. $15
Now: $8

Org. $119.99
Now: $35.99

Org. $115
Now: $46

Org. $75
Now: $38

Have a happy - and safe - New Year's everyone! Welcome 2012!!!

Friday, December 30, 2011

DEAL OF THE DAY - Sandals! 50-80% Off!

Yes, I know, it's winter. So everyone (except for me, I live in Florida, hehe!) is probably wearing boots.

But spring WILL come eventually and buying cute strappy sandals now will save you a fortune later! Fashion magazines predict that flowers and ruffles or lace on sandals and flats will be BIG this spring & summer, so here's some recommendations:

Stuart Weitzman Big Rose Sandal Stuart Weitzman Big Rose Sandal Stuart Weitzman Big Rose Sandal
Orig. $135
Now: $34
As you can see, it's available is several colors!

Orig. $59
Now: $29.59

Of course, the basic, simple, ballet-style flat is a staple in every closet:

KORS Michael Kors Olympia Embossed Flats
Orig. $195
Now: $97.50

Hey... can we combine the ballet flats with a gorgeous flower? I think we can!

Orig. $165
Now: $71.19
Shown in Khaki, also comes in Brown and Black.
What about something professional, but casual, to wear to school or work?

Marc by Marc Jacobs Turnlock SandalMarc by Marc Jacobs Turnlock Sandal

Orig. $275
Now: $69.94
Comes in two colors (as shown)

Or something strappy? I LOVE strappy!
Orig. $135
Now: $38.97

Now, for a dressier sandal...
Orig.  $79.99
Now: $29.99
Comes in three colors (as shown)

And that's it for today's must-haves! Normally, I spend Sunday posting an entire outfit that is both affordable and adorable, but I'm going to be doing that tomorrow, Saturday, this week (seeing how Sunday will be January 1st, and I plan to be hungover!). So check back tomorrow!  

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

DEAL OF THE DAY - 80% off Tahari Coat, Plus More!

Tori Wool Coat 

Tori Wool Coat
Orig. $380
Now: $75

Also, just because there's SO many great after-Christmas sales going on right now, here's a few more fashion must-have's!

BGB Silk Dress - 78% off!

 Orig. $400
Now: $71.20 

Juicy Couture Velour Messenger Bag
Orig. $198
Now: $95.98

DKNY Ruffled leather shoulder bag
Reg: $225.00 
Now: $90.00