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Saturday, December 31, 2011

What to Wear this New Year's?

Whether it's New Year's Eve, or just a party or night on the town, you can be stylish without breaking the bank. In this blog, we're going to make the following outfits:



Ready? Let's begin!
Now, let's look at this first dress. Yes, it's gorgeous. And yes, it IS 50% off... but... it's still pretty expensive

Org. $549
Now: $274

But how about something else, similar, and just and gorgeous?

Parker Tiered Dress
Orig. $253
Now: $99

Parker Strapless Dress
Parker Strapless Dress
Org. $242
Now: $99

Or maybe this, if you're not into pink:
Design History shitake jersey sleeveless embellished neck dress style# 311497701
Orig. $99
Now: $52.79

My ideal shoes? Again, yes they're more than 50% off, but still expensive (but GORGEOUS!)
Manolo Blahnik Raffia Peep Toe Sandal
Orig. $765
Now: $309

But these are just as beautiful, and more affordable:

CO-OP Barneys New York Petal Cutout Bootie
Orig. $425
Now: $169

Or these:
Martinez Valero Coca Jeweled Satin Sandal
Orig. $115
Now: $29.94

CO-OP Barneys New York Woven Toe Sandal
Barney's CO-OP Woven Toe Sandal
Org: $350
Now: $139

Kelsi Dagger Hania Sandal
Org. $129.95
Now: $64.90

Of course, it might be cold out.

M.PATMOS Coat Cardigan
Org. $435
Now: $169

Org. $300
Now: $149

Org. $130
Now: $75

Orig: $125
Now: $75
The sparkles make it easy to use for a dress or casual outfit!

Org. $419
Now: $144
(Same site also has this scarf - below - for same price)

Org. $49
Now: $15

Org. $4
Now: $2

And never, ever, forget your jewelry!

Org. $15
Now: $8

Org. $119.99
Now: $35.99

Org. $115
Now: $46

Org. $75
Now: $38

Have a happy - and safe - New Year's everyone! Welcome 2012!!!

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